We play at the intersection of creativity, strategy, technology and data to
deliver highly effective customer experiences.

Creative / Technology

We believe in the power of our ideas, big and small, to solve problems and create opportunities, through creative advertising, concept development, branding and content production, including copywriting, photography, video and animation.

We also know how to best harness and leverage the creative potential of all things technology to deliver compelling customer experiences.


A clear, strategic understanding of your business and the needs of your customers/users underpins and focuses everything we do.

No 'proprietary models' — we simply offer strategic thinking to add clarity, purpose and rigour. Brand strategy and positioning, market/user research, campaign integration, communications and touchpoints planning, digital and social strategy planning, CRM and loyalty strategy — whatever the flavour of strategy, it's always about using research and insights to inform what happens next.

Experiential & Interactive

We create experiences and interactive narratives that bring people together in real life, bridging physical, digital and emotional worlds. Whether for brand or campaign activations, through to large-scale corporate events with mass, simultaneous participation — we provide frictionless, immersive experiences that connect and enrich at every touchpoint.


Irrespective of whether they’re users or customers, we keep the end-person as the absolute central focus through collaborative workshops, wireframes, IA definition, and our expertise across User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), Service Design and Experience Design (XD).

We make sure our planned interactions and touchpoints are usable, accessible, relevant but also creatively compelling and surpass customer expectations.

Business Consulting

Not just 'the agency' — we are a trusted business partner for many clients, with their commercial success as our shared commercial success.

Business strategy and growth guidance. Ongoing strategic consulting and oversight. Business process improvement and change management, technical systems analysis and workflow mapping. Digital analytics, profiling, segmentation, predictive modelling, data visualisation and dashboards.

These are just a few of the ways we have partnered with businesses beyond the realm of advertising-land.

Interaction Design & Development

Websites. Microsites. Ecommerce sites. Sites with bespoke CMS. EDMs. Web apps or native apps. Software or hardware. Proof of concept prototypes through to final products.

Voice-assisted, gesture-controlled, machine learning, augmented reality or virtual reality. If people are meant to interact with it, we know how to build it and more importantly, how to design it to be next-level amazing.

The possibilities of the future and what’s next, questioning ourselves to always answer what happens next, exploring what customers do and experience next — underpins ROMEO’s approach.

No two client briefs are the same, and so no two solutions or projects of ours are either. By loving what's next, we stay inquisitive and sharp by constantly challenging ourselves to find innovative or more effective ways of working in a continually evolving and diversifying landscape.

The team

Scott Esdaile

Scott Esdaile Co-Founder, Head of Strategy & Integration

Scott likes asking lots of 'why' and 'what if' questions. He is passionate about understanding human motivations and behaviours, and then collaboratively developing strategies and creative ideas that solve brand problems, inspire actions and provide value for consumers.

With experience planning and implementing integrated campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes, he is excited by the constantly evolving nature of today's advertising industry and the opportunities this brings for brands that are strategically driven, creatively nimble and have an eye on effectiveness. Scott has judged AMY Awards, taught for both AWARD School and AdSchool, and been awarded for integrated, social media and digital campaigns.

Oscar Nicholson

Oscar Nicholson Co-Founder, Head of Innovation

Oscar is ROMEO’s crystal ball and eyes on the future. Starting his first digital agency On in 2005 with founding client MySpace, he then pioneered augmented reality and the interactive screen in 2011 with the Cannes Bronze winning Lynx Angel Ambush.

As a creative technologist at heart, Oscar loves developing brand solutions that bridge the emotional, digital and physical worlds — while keeping his finger on the bleeding-edge pulse of innovative opportunities for our clients.

Amanda Schultz

Amanda Schultz Managing Director

Highly accomplished in all things brand and digital marketing, Amanda ensures a sharp strategic focus for the ROMEO team and our clients — defining opportunities and making them happen. She has a deep understanding of what our clients need and is driven to deliver the highest quality work for every brief.

With a background in psychology, she is a people-person that focuses on nurturing great working relationships and keeps the ROMEO team motivated. Amanda has recently returned to Australia after 10 years in the UK where she lead global, digital campaigns for Triumph Lingerie, Microsoft, Jimmy Choo and The Body Shop.

Marco Eychenne

Marco Eychenne Creative Director

Marco is passionate about creating experiences and campaigns that are people-centric — to genuinely put customers first and create real substance in a relationship between a brand and its audience. For him, that is exactly the magic of creativity — the power of empathy; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Over the past 10 year as creative director, Marco has won more than 100 awards recognitions, both in Australia and at global awards shows, contributing to 7 Agency of the Year wins. His work was voted one of the world’s top direct marketing campaigns as judged by the WON Report, which tallies worldwide awards. Marco was also voted one of 20 creative minds in the 2017 AdNews Creativity List.

The new and
the next

While everyone is still focused on the term 'digital' as a descriptor for technology-based marketing and connectivity, we are creating the new and the next through technical leadership, creative innovation and exploration in a channel agnostic approach.

An ecosystem of specialisation

ROMEO is the digital creative agency sibling within Rumble Creative Enterprises.

We'd love to be part of your brand's family too.